Lubrication is crucial to safer sex. Some lubes are wetter than others and some are designed to create resistance, some generate extra heat, and still other add exotic flavors or aromas to your sexual arena. If there’s one rule of thumb for fucking, it’s that you can never have too much lube. Not only does lube make it easier to slide a big, throbbing cock into your tight asshole, it also helps prevent the condom from breaking. The more lube, the better. The friction from fucking can tear up your ass. Lube reduces that friction, making things easier on your rectum and anal lining.

Tip #1) Always get a water-based lube!
Make sure it says so right on the package. If you’re unsure whether your lube is latex friendly, ask your local lube salesperson when you but it. Since many of the lubes are available in smaller sample packets, experiment till you find the lube that works best for you… and who says you have to experiment alone?

Tip #2) No Blood for Oil
It stays slick for hours and comes with all those different varieties; who can pass up a night of butter-flavored passion? Seriously though, everything has its time and place. However, Crisco and other oil-based lubricants have no place around latex condoms. If you’ve been around a while you’ve been hearing this for years, but in the last few years more and more companies have gone back to producing lubricants that are oil-based and dangerous to condom use. Oil-based lube can cause a condom to fall apart or break. Avoid baby oil, Crisco, Vaseline, hand lotions, etc… There are a bunch of lubes that are water or silicone-based that work great with condoms and make the ride more smooth.

We also suggest that you stay away from lubricants that contain Nonoxynol-9 (they tend to give a lot of people rashes, and a rash in a sex club isn’t a good thing).

Tip #3) Prevent Breakage
One of the biggest reasons condoms break is because guys aren’t using enough lube or they’re using the wrong kind. The right kind of lube to use with a latex condom is water-based or silicone. Oil-based lubes can destroy a latex condom (so no Crisco, Vaseline, lotion or baby oil). The only time that doesn’t apply is with polyurethane condoms, which are also okay to use. Never use lambskin ‘cause viruses and bacteria can get through the pores.

Nonoxynol-9 is a microbicide that kills sperm, but it also tears up your asshole. If you use lubes that have N-9 the next time you get fucked your poor anus will be much more susceptible to STDs and/or HIV. So, use your latex or polyurethane condoms with water or silicone-based lubes (w/o Nonoxynol-9) and you’ll be fucking smart and fucking safe! AVOID PRODUCTS CONTAINING N-9!!!