A lot of gay and bi guys like to keep things neat and tidy so washing up before getting fucked is pretty common. The best way to clear your self out is to take a good, solid shit ahead of time. Most fecal matter doesn’t show up in your ass until just before you have to take a shit anyways, and you usually know when something’s cooking down there.

The trouble with chemical douches is that the chemicals destroy the thin cellular lining (or epithelium) in your ass. Therefore, douching can increase your HIV risk while getting fucked. Also, it’s unlikely that you’ll get all of the chemical fluid out of your ass before getting fucked, since it does take a while to evacuate. And don’t think that douching after getting fucked bare is a way of practicing safer sex. An enema will actually push semen and other fluids farther up into your ass, rather than wash them out.

Therefore, it is best to avoid chemical douches. Rather, use water at tepid, room temperature. You can empty out over-the-counter chemical douches and refill them with plain water, or use a balloon enema filled with water.