Tip #1) Choosing a condom
Cocks come in all different shapes and sizes. So, thankfully, do condoms. With a little experimentation (and what a fun experiment!) you can find one that's just right for you. First of all, lambskins are a big "no-no". They are not effective barriers against HIV and STDs. Lambskin condoms, like human skin, are porous, which means they have microscopic holes that viruses and bacteria can get easily get through. That is why you should choose condoms that are made out of latex or polyurethane.

Most condoms are made out of latex, and should be stored at room temperature (about 68 degrees Fahrenheit) in a dry, dark place. Condom packages have an expiration date printed on them. If your condom has expired, don't chance it unless it’s the only one you’ve got! Oil-based lubes cause latex to deteriorate and increase the chance of breakage. Only water and silicone-based lubes should be used with latex condoms.

Polyurethane condoms are especially good for those who have an allergy to latex. Polyurethane is thin, soft, odorless and stronger than latex. It also conducts heat, which can make fucking even sexier. It does not cause allergies, and won't deteriorate in heat and humidity. And, unlike latex, you can use oil-based lubes, in addition to water and silicone, with polyurethane condoms.

Lube and condoms go together like Bert & Ernie. Lube helps to prevent your condoms from breaking. Condoms are almost always effective when used correctly, and using lube is correct. Only silicone and water-based lubes should be used with latex condoms.

Nowadays condoms come in many shapes and sizes, so the old excuse that they don't fit doesn't fly any more. There are large and extra large for you beer cans out there, and there are also smaller condoms. Come on guys, it takes a big man to admit he's small. Besides, you can fit a standard-size condom around your fist. If you're bigger than that, call me! There is also the Reality condom, which can be used anally.

You may think it’s safer to "double bag" it, or wrap your dick in two condoms at the same time, but that's actually not the case. The friction between the two condoms can cause them to break. Also, if you're into threesomes, fourgies, crowds and moregies, be sure to use a new condom for each different partner. And never reuse a condom. Once you've cum, once you're done, wrap it up and throw it out! Remember: fuck smart, fuck safe!

Tip #2) Keep it UP while rolling the condom DOWN

  • Have your partner put the condom on you as part of foreplay.
  • Experiment with different condoms until you find the right size and shape for you.
  • Try using a condom when you masturbate to get used to the feel of it.
  • Have your partner put the condom you using his mouth.

Tip #3) Cum prepared
There’s nothing worse than getting all worked up and then losing your hard-on searching for a condom to put on. Plan ahead! Have condoms readily available when and where you have sex. A selection net to the bed tells your partners that you play safe. RIGHT BEFORE you get started it may be a good idea to open a few condom packets so you don’t’ have to worry about opening them with lubey, slippery hands.

Tip #4) Avoid breakage!
It’s a fact: most condom failure is due to user error. Condoms that are kept in your wallet or left in the sun are at a greater risk for breaking! Using a lube that is not water-based (such as Vaseline, hand creams, Crisco, or massage oil) can also cause a condom to break.

Always add extra WATER-BASED LUBRICANT to the condom (even if it is pre-lubed). And putting a little lube INSIDE the condom will provide extra strength and elasticity and reduce the chance of breakage. Store your condoms in a cool dry place and be sure to put them on so they unroll properly.

How to prevent your condom from breaking:

  • Keeping your condoms in the cars is not the best idea because the cold conditions can break down the condom’s effectiveness, same for intense heat.
  • When fucking, make sure to check the condom regularly to make sure it has not broken. Also, pay attention when you are with those rock-star bottoms who are so tight that you pull out of the condom and push it into your partner on the next stroke – rare, but possible.
  • Make sure to LUBE IT UP before and while fucking to make sure that you have a slick play space. This also helps to prevent condom breakage.
  • Oil can eat holes in a rubber in 60 seconds. These holes are too tiny to see, but they are big enough for the AIDS virus and other germs to get through. There is oil in lipstick, Chapstick, hand and face creams, Crisco, butter, Vaseline, vitamin E ointments for rashes and sores (like for yeast, herpes or hemorrhoids). Lotions that say water-soluble are not water-based! They could still contain oil that eats latex.

Tip #5) REALITY CONDOMS… They're for guys, too!
One of the excuses guys use for not using condoms is that it cuts off sensation to their dick during sex. On one hand, this reduced sensation can prolong sex, and allow you to give your bottom a good, long pounding. But for guys who like to bitch, bitch, bitch about condoms, there is an alternative: the Reality "Female" condom.

Now, I know the whole "female" thing can be a bit off-putting, but it's for guys, too! Studies have shown that the Reality condom can be just as effective when used in the ass as in the vag. It's just that the company can't market it as an "anal" condom since some states in this country are living in the Dark Ages and still have anti-sodomy laws.

The Reality condom is simple to use. There is an inner ring and an outer ring, both flexible. First, lube up your asshole and the condom (inside and out). Then, simply insert the inner ring into your ass. Once the ring is pushed past your sphincter, it will open and release, filling your ass with condomy goodness. The outer ring stays outside of your butt. This frees up the top's big, hard cock without cutting off any of the bottom's hot, anal sensation.

After your top has shot his load inside your condom-filled ass, simply twist off the end outside of your butt and slide the condom out of your asshole. It's hot, safe, and easy to do.

Reality condoms are made from polyurethane rather than latex. It comes pre-lubed with a silicone-based lube that will not dry out. You are encouraged to use more lube both outside and inside of the condom for easier insertion and hotter sex.

The Reality condom does not contain Nonoxynol-9. Also, you should not use a standard male condom with a Reality condom. While you might think this is extra safe, friction between the two condoms can actually cause them to break. Remember: fuck smart, fuck safe!

Tip #6) “Cheeking”
One of the biggest complaints about condoms, which I'm sure we're all familiar with, its that they can kill spontaneity and ruin the mood in the heat of the moment. Fair enough. So, how can we make putting a on a condom fun and sexy? Simple! By using a technique that prostitutes have been using for years. It's called "Cheeking". All you have to do is put the condom in your mouth (be sure not to bite or you risk tearing it) and then put it on the head of the dick. Then, using your lips, unroll the condom all the way down the length of the shaft and keep on sucking it till it's good and wet. For your sake you might want to use a flavored condom or lube. Yummy! By the time you're polishing his knob, most guys won't care or complain that they've got a rubber on. Hookers will frequently do this with their Johns as a matter of safety, slipping the rubber on and going to town before he has a chance to protest. If he doesn't know it's coming it can be fun and spontaneous, and since condoms are usually a prelude to a fuck, this can be a sexy way of letting him know that you're ready for a good, safe ass-pounding.

Tip #7) Erectile dysfunction and condoms
One of the biggest complaints that guys have about using condoms is that they lose their erection. This isn't so much of a problem anymore since condoms come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses, so even if you have a really thick cock there is probably a condom out there big enough for you to fit in comfortably. But what if you have trouble keeping it up due to natural erectile dysfunction? Wearing a condom only adds to the problem because it can cut off circulation in your dick and decrease the sensation you feel during fucking. If erectile dysfunction is a problem for you, consult your doctor about using an ED drug such as Viagra or Cialis. These drugs, when used correctly, can help you keep it up and keep the condom on. Since ED drugs are prescription only, make sure not to use them unless you have consulted a doctor. Since these drugs expand your blood vessels they can cause problems for guys with heart problems. ED drugs should not be used with recreational drugs such as ecstasy, poppers or crystal meth, as they can increase dangerous side effects. In the movies the guy who dies during sex always goes out with a smile on his face. But in reality, it's no laughing matter. So if you're having trouble keeping it up when you got the rubber on, talk to your doc about whether or not ED drugs may be right for you.

Tip #8) Do condoms have to "kill the mood"?
HIV isn't over, and the best way to prevent getting it or passing it on (aside from abstinence) is to use latex or polyurethane condoms with water or silicone-based lube every time you have anal sex with partners of a different or unknown HIV status. But sometimes condoms can kill the mood. Just when things are getting hot and heavy you have to stop, fumble around for the condom package, get it open without tearing the condom, etc. This break in the action can be very unsexy and ruin some of the spontaneity of sex. So, the trick is, how do you incorporate using condoms into sex? Real life isn't like porn, where condoms just magically appear on a guy's cock right before he sticks it in, and then magically disappear right before he shoots his load.

One of the ways to avoid this potential mood kill is to put the condom on before you get to the point of fucking. Put it on earlier in the action. Have your partner put it on for you, maybe even using his mouth (see "cheeking" above). Give it time to warm to your body temperature while you lube it up and stroke your cock. This way there isn't a break in the action, and condoms become a natural part of your sex routine.

You can also try using the Reality condom for anal sex. Also known as the "female condom" they are shown to be just as effective for anal sex as vaginal sex. Have your partner loosen up your ass with his fingers, mouth, etc., and then slip the Reality condom in with his fingers and finger-fuck you until you're ready for his cock. Then, the condom is inside and you're ready to get plowed.

The real trick is to keep practicing different ideas and techniques until you find what works for you. Condoms come in all shapes and sizes and flavors. Keep exploring and experimenting until you find the one that is the right fit. Remember: fuck smart, fuck safe!