Cock Rings

Cock rings are sex toys that tighten around the base of the penis and testicles and reduce the flow of blood out of the penis back into the body. Blood flows into the penis through blood vessels at the organ's core and out through veins nearer to the skin's surface. So the restriction allows the blood to flow in, but not out (as quickly). Trapping blood in the penis can make for more engorgement and greater sensitivity, create a firmer erection and, for some, delay ejaculation. Then again, since everybody is different, cock rings may have no significant effect on the size or longevity of an erection (in fact, they can make some guys come faster because of heightened sensation). So we don't recommend them as a “fix” for erectile issues—but they sure can be fun! Most adult stores in the Seattle area carry at least one type of cock ring and there are several websites that offer many different versions.

How to use cock rings
Penis straps or rings are intended to go around the base of the penis, behind the testicles (so testicles and penis are in front of the ring). Many styles with all sorts of bells and whistles are available—ones that separate the balls, cock rings that provide a consistent squeeze on the testicles, styles that allow you to hang weights off the testicles for varying degrees of pulling, and kits that lace up the whole penis. But the basics are the same although the sensations vary.

The Basic Strap: 5 Snap Leather Cock Ring and Velcro Leather Cock Ring are highly adjustable and easy to remove. These cock rings can be put on at any time during an erection. Some guys find that their pubic hair can get stuck in the Velcro. A little pubic trimming will solve that. Secure the strap as snugly as is comfortable. Remember, it shouldn't hurt.

Non-adjustable rings, Aluminum Cock Rings, and Rubber Stretch Cock Rings: If you are using a ring that is not adjustable, it is easiest to put it on when your penis is flaccid. Hold the ring under your balls and insert your testicles one at a time. Now push the penis through. Hold it in place until your erection secures it. The only way it will come off is if you lose your erection after you come or by icing down your member if you can't lose your “woody.” If you are sporting a metal ring and can't reduce your erection any other way, the emergency room staff can cut it off with a metal cutter. In order to avoid such an experience, start off with the adjustable varieties. We don't recommend the metal rings for cock ring neophytes.

Fancy cock rings
Triple Pleasure: The large strap goes at the base of the penis while the smaller strap provides an added squeeze on the shaft. The strategically placed smooth metal stud provides a bit of clitoral stimulation for a female partner in the face-to-face position.
Deluxe Erection Maker: Great for men who like squeezing and pressure on their testicles. The smaller straps fit snugly around the scrotum and push the testicles to the bottom, thus "stretching" the balls. The handy ring on the strap that goes under the balls lets you hang weighted objects or attach a leash.

The penis does not stay hard throughout sex; erections naturally rise and fall during the course of sex. The reason for this is cellular health—blood flow is necessary to transport toxins away from the cells. Therefore, keeping your cock hard with a ring for hours puts you at risk of damaging your dick. We recommend giving your penis a breather after a maximum of 20 minutes. Spending too long with a cock ring on can damage the capillaries and bruise the penis, leaving you sore for a few days. In the worse case scenario, it could permanently affect the tissue. We think it's wise, especially if you are first experimenting with cock rings, to remove it after five to 10 minutes to let your blood flow normally. If you are into sleeping in bondage and want to wear a cock ring all night, use an adjustable one and keep it loose. After you learn your unique response to a cock ring, then you can experiment with how long to keep it on and explore the non-adjustable variations.
Cock rings aren't recommended for anyone with vascular disease, such as diabetes, or nerve disease. If you experience discomfort, numbness or tingling, take it off. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your "pink parts" to make sure that everything down there is happy and healthy!

If you decide to make your own or tie your dick up with rope, be sure that the material you are using is at least a quarter-inch wide. You run the risk of nerve and tissue damage with string or very thin straps that cut into the flesh.